Fact: I love meeting people who are obsessed with living a no-BS life. Is that you? Awesome. We should probably be friends ASAP.

The best place to reach me is on Twitter: @NicoleLessBS

You can also send me an email at nicole@lifelessbullshit.com. Before you do, though, here’s some stuff you should know:

I adore short messages. Five sentences or less? Swoon.

I read (and appreciate) every single email I receive, and I do my best to respond within a week or so. Sometimes faster, sometimes not. Patience & grace, am I right?

If you’re interested in working together because you dig my approach, a great place to start is the No BS Lab, where you’ll find simple, fun, and incredibly effective DIY resources to help you change your habits and your life.

If you’re dying to join one of my twice-yearly accountability coaching groups, hang tight until May, which is when I’ll begin accepting applications for the next session.

Do you have a personal question you’d like me to answer? Are you looking for one-off advice? I’m honored (truly!) that you value my opinion, but I reserve that type of coaching exclusively for my clients. If it’s a quick question (or a topic you’d love for me to cover on my blog) give me a shout on Twitter and let me know.

Curious about advertising or guest posting on this site? You’re awesome for asking, but I actually don’t publish either one, as stated in my policies.

Want to interview me? Fun! I love talking to honest, kind, no-nonsense people. Send me a quick email with the details (where it’s being published, the format, what you’d love to chat about, etc) and if it’s a good fit for me right now I’ll definitely let you know. (Hint: audio interviews are my favorite, and I particularly love appearing on podcasts!)

Lastly, if you’re looking for my professional bio & headshots, you can find those right here.

Big hugs, thanks for hanging out at LLB HQ, and here’s to a life less bullshit!