Meet Nicole

Nicole Antoinette Running Photo Shoot on Tues., Apr. 23, 2013. // Erin Parker PhotographyI’m Nicole Antoinette, and I’m obsessed with helping you build a bullshit-free life.

Which really means I help you do three things:

1. Change your story – the one you tell about yourself, to yourself – so that you can ditch the perfectionism and self-limiting beliefs and finally get out of your own way

2. Change your habits - because changing your life really comes down to changing what you do on a regular, repeat basis

3. Harness the power of obsession - so that you can systematically learn how to get everything you’re craving, one thing at a time

So, if you’re tired of all the bullshit, and if you’re ready to ditch what you think you “should” want in favor of what you actually do want, then let me give you a big “HELL YEAH,” because you’re totally in the right place.

Are you nodding along?

Excellent – I knew you were one of my people. And if the thought of working together makes you nod even harder, you can click here to learn more about what I do and who I work with.

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In the meantime, let’s get to know each other a little bit, shall we?

12 Random Facts About Me

1. When I was four years old, I used to bite people. Finally, my exasperated mother warned me that if I ever bit her again, she’d bite me back. Well, I bit her again, so she bit me back. Guess what, parents of the world? That shit works.

2. I currently live in Los Angeles, a place I swore I’d never live again when I left (for the third time) in August 2009. Note to self: You think you know what the future has in store for you? Hahahaha.

3. If you’re reading this in July of 2014, it’s been 3 years and 2 months since I quit drinking, just over 2 and a half years since I started the process of building a low-sugar life, and 2 years since I transitioned into a fully plant-based diet. If you’re reading this later than July of 2014, I trust that you can do the math on your own.

4. I am absolutely obsessed with green smoothies. And it looks like I’m not alone, because 94,000+ people have shared my Ultimate Green Smoothie Formula.

half-marathon5. I’m an endurance runner (for Oiselle Team) who started out barely being able to run for two minutes at a time. If you want to read about my worst half marathon ever, click here. If you want to read about the time I ran back-to-back marathons in one weekend, click here. If you want to know how I got started with running, see my favorite running gear, and grab some useful free resources, click here. If you want to avoid being gently peer pressured into running with me sometime in the near future, well fuck, I think it’s probably too late for that. As all of my friends will tell you, I’m shockingly good at convincing people to do things with me. They call it “The Nicole Effect.” I call it bullying done right.

6. In fifth grade, my best friend got suspended from school for skipping recess to make out with her boyfriend at the bottom of a stairwell. I escaped the situation with a slap on the wrist and a warning from the principal that “real friends shouldn’t ask you to guard the door while they engage in un-ladylike behavior.” Now, 18+ years later, I can assure you that, actually, that’s exactly what real friends should do.

7. I have a BS in Food Studies from NYU, and I spent three years teaching cooking classes at Williams Sonoma. If I’m being honest, the highlight of those three years was the afternoon I sold $650 worth of baking supplies to Mary Kate Olsen. A close second was the time a large, high-powered chocolate fountain exploded all over me and the 25+ people who were watching me demonstrate “how easy” it was to use.

8. My inexplicable and undying obsession with the Twilight Saga has reached a point where between the original books themselves and the eleventy thousand supplementary books of critical essays I’ve purchased and refuse to get rid of, I’m about to need a new bookcase. Seriously. Seriously. What can I say? The heart wants what it wants.

9. I spent the first five years of my professional life as Director of a children’s summer camp, where I learned two important lessons: 1) Every person, no matter how small, should be allowed to express an opinion, and 2) I look really awesome in purple facepaint.

10. Once, when I was unemployed, I did an unpaid internship with The Bloggess in which I was tasked to research porn movie titles, falcon hunting habits, and oddly shaped potatoes. To this day, I still think of Jenny whenever I see a peculiar spud at the grocery store.

11. I sincerely believe that everyone could benefit from writing a personal manifesto. My (somewhat non-traditional) one can be found right here. (Warning: so much swearing!)

12. On March 1, 2015, I’m going to go to the beach in Santa Monica, California, lace up my running shoes, put my hands in the Pacific ocean, turn around, and run all the way to New York. How? One step at a time. Why? Because that’s how all big, sexy dreams are accomplished: one tiny (and often unsexy) step at a time.

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I’ve given talks on motivation, self-limiting beliefs, goal-fulfillment, long distance running, and entrepreneurship at conferences such as World Domination Summit and Find & Follow Your Passion, and I’ve been interviewed about everything from making big life changes to how handle the emotional challenges of quitting sugar to the value of setting unrealistic goals to how to build a strong online community to quirky (but wildly effective) productivity tips by sites such as The Huffington Post UKLifehacker, No Meat Athlete, Your Kick Ass Life, Strength RunningBrent Smith Lifestyle, Stratejoy, Tech CocktailYoung Female Entrepreneurs, and more.

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