The No BS Run Club

No matter how many steps you’ve run (or haven’t run) in your life, if you want to complete a half marathon, you’ve come to the right place.

Because this is the bullshit-free, beginner-friendly, how-to-actually-make-it-happen training program to get you from the couch to the finish line of your first half marathon, all while eating better, sleeping better, shattering self-limiting beliefs and meeting like-minded friends around the world.

How do I know this works? Because I’ve done it. I went from barely being able to run for 2-minutes to running 10+ half marathons and 5+ full marathons, and I’ve helped hundreds of other people do the same.

Registration is now full for 2014, but if you’re interested in joining the waitlist, just drop your email into the big pink box below and I’ll reach out to you personally to let you know when the club starts accepting new members.

Real-Talk Success Stories (from people just like you!)

anja“Going into this, my biggest fear was definitely a fear of failure. I was so worried that I was planning this totally unrealistic goal and that I would never follow through with it. My second fear was trouble with my IT band, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to run without being in extreme pain. But, I did it! I ran 13.1 miles with NO PAIN! This is huge for me as I used to get it at around the 5k mark, and it’s shown me the importance of warm ups/cool downs and strength work, which are all included in the program. As for the program itself, I’m the type of person who loves having a detailed plan so I loved that we had everything we needed, which meant no excuses! I came back to the materials time and again to reference different things and it felt achievable. The Facebook group is a really big part of it too. Seeing everyone else’s progress is inspiring. Especially for me, in Sydney, Australia, where the temperature is always relatively warm, I’d be like ‘Oh it’s lightly raining, I can’t go running’ – then I’d see photos of people going running in the the snow and I’d be like ‘Ohhh okay, guess I’d better suck it up!’ Running has now become a part of my routine and I want to keep running and improving my time and maybe even work up to longer distances!” – Anja V
leslieI did it! I finished the race without stopping or walking. If I can do it, so can you. I hadn’t really run in years when I decided to train for this race. It was a spontaneous decision, at least partially motivated by a string of unmotivating encounters with local doctors who told me that I needed to lose weight, lower my blood sugar, lower my stress levels, etc. After I signed up for the race, I signed up for this program, and while I wasn’t nervous, I mostly wanted to follow through on something and get it done. My absolute favorite thing was the community on Facebook – plus the playlists and the pages and pages of information about how to do this, which gave me the sense that this is a doable thing but that it requires sustained effort and a multi-month commitment. As a result of this program, I’ve changed my habits. I’ve started waking up early on the weekends to run and eating more homemade plant-based meals. My clothes are much looser on me – new holes in the belt, stretchy jeans suddenly don’t need to stretch as much. But, most importantly, I now know that the way to get things done is to just move forward. The road is there. The markers are there. Just keep moving. In other projects, I tend to question things more than is productive. I’m building a new website and it has taken forever! I keep changing my mind about what I want and have listened way too much to what other people think… hint: everyone has a completely different opinion. Running this race has shown me that I don’t have to listen to other people’s opinions and I can just keep moving forward in my own way.” – Leslie F
amyChoosing to run my first half-marathon with this program has been one of the best decisions of my life. Aside from including every detail I wanted into the training materials, Nicole made herself available via email and the Facebook group to answer even the silliest questions (no really: I emailed her about how to work the water bottles of my running belt). When you’re training for your first major race, you are going to want the community that comes from being a member of From 0 to 13.1 along with the solid, timely, and always supportive advice and answers straight from Nicole and Coach Ryan. I can’t imagine having trained any other way!” – Amy T
laurenBefore joining, I had used the Couch-to-5K program to teach myself to run a 5K, but I couldn’t seem to push past the 3 mile/35 minute mark. I wanted a program that could get me running a little faster, a little longer, and a little more consistently, but I was nervous that I would give up on this program the way I give up on most programs. I worried that I would be the exception that would be unable to finish a half marathon, and I also worried that I would injure myself and be unable to compete in a race I’d already signed up for. But this program was wonderful! Nicole first started where I started, and she knows how to make the impossible seem possible. I have now run longer than I’ve ever thought I was capable of running, and in the course of my training I have exercised so much more than I would have if I hadn’t been training for a race – which has been great for my physical and mental health! And I loved having the support of the Facebook group so that I could hear stories from other people who had successfully completed this program. I felt cheered up when I posted about challenges and supported when I had victories. It also gave me so many role models to aspire to. For anyone who is considering joining, though it sounds incredibly cliche, I want to tell you that if I can do this, you can do it too. I truly believe that now, and from the bigger picture I also believe that so many other goals are possible now that this “impossible” one has been accomplished!” – Lauren C
amyBefore this program I was a serial running failure. I went through years of repeating the following cycle: 1) desire to become a runner 2) constant state of researching and reading everything about running 3) FINALLY, actually “running” 4) hating running 5) quitting running 6) hating myself for quitting. This program broke that cycle for me. Aside from the quality of the materials, the best part of the program was the built-in support system on Facebook from Nicole and Coach Ryan, the people who had already completed the program, and all of the people who were starting off when I did. Having a supportive group to whom I felt accountable ended up being the game-changer for me. I looked forward to completing a workout or long run so I would have something to post for the group. Even when I didn’t feel like moving forward, everyone else’s posts always gave me the push I needed to keep going. Once I realized how great it felt to cheer everyone else on and to receive that support myself, I finally started sharing what I was doing with my friends and family and was blown away by the encouragement. Nicole, you provided ALL of the pieces needed to be successful, and 0-13.1 was one of the best things I have EVER done for myself. I’ve changed my story. I’ve always considered myself a couch potato/non-athlete. That couldn’t be further from the truth now. I have become an active person. I have active friends with whom I now do active things. If someone is doing a race, they email and ask if I’m planning on running. My friends and I socialize by meeting up at the gym or running to the park (LITERALLY!!) with our kids. All sorts of physical activities that I previously would have written off as something that I couldn’t do are now things that I get excited about participating in. Healthwise, I’ve cut out a LOT of long-term, terribly stupid bad habits. I rarely drink anything but water anymore. I find myself making much better food choices and viewing food as fuel versus comfort. I went down a clothing size (although I didn’t lose any weight!). I have more energy and feel more comfortable in my own skin. Most importantly, getting a handle on my physical fitness and making exercise a routine part of my life made so many other things fall into place. I no longer suffer from extreme anxiety as I have in the past. I am more social than I was before doing this program. I feel more confident and more equipped to get shit done!!! I never realized how much time and energy went into feeling badly about my body and lack of fitness. I’ve also experienced a huge mental shift that exercise/running is no longer about potential changes in my appearance, but about my fitness and how I FEEL. I’m setting a healthy example for my family and I’m really, really proud of that. “ – Kaitlin P
rachelIf you’re a beginner and you’re interested in running a half marathon, this program will get you there. It’s not about being fast or being the best, it’s about crossing the finish line. I loved this training program – the amount of information, how comprehensive it is, how I felt really confident that this program wasn’t made for people who could already run, the encouragement and support and general comradarie in the Facebook group, and of course Nicole and Ryan’s advice and tough love. Going into this, I hated running. Two years ago, I attempted to train for a half marathon and it was awful. This time around, I was terrified that I couldn’t do it. That I would start with all the good intentions and then flake out and not finish. I knew that I was not a runner and that this would be really hard, and I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to run what was required of me. But, I did it! I can now call myself a runner without making any caveats, and I feel so successful! – Rachel H
wendryn“This program is great. Not only is there a schedule for every day so you are never caught off guard, Nicole is always available to answer questions and provide support. The community she has created for this program is very supportive and responsive, too, and I’ve made friends there. She gives ideas for food, explains the reasons behind the stretching and strength training, and is completely willing to help those of us who never thought of ourselves as runners before. If you’re afraid of trying to run this kind of distance or if you aren’t sure you can, try this program. I love it!” – Wendryn B
jenniferFirst off, I’m not a continuously active individual. I’m larger and usually tend to stick to a program for about a month before I’m completely burnt out. I signed up for Nicole’s From 0 to 13.1 because I wanted to be a runner. I’ve experienced the high that is raved about. I’ve done some 5k’s, but never fully stuck to running. Her story was extremely inspiring (from zero running to marathon!). The idea that I could start from minimum running and be a half marathon finisher was what I needed. It greatly helped that things were broken down into layman’s terms and she worked with a professional, long-time runner. Her ‘bullshit free’ attitude made the read fun and I really felt like she was getting into my brain with talks of fears, concerns, blocks, and personal idiocy. I needed this! The icing on the cake is definitely the community aspect. Having a group to talk fears, concerns, triumphs, and ultimately share the experience with is amazing. Knowing that Nicole and Ryan are there to personally answer and applaud you is what helps keep me going as I prepare for my first half! LOVE IT!” – Jennifer M
clair“Thanks for getting me off the couch, into some runners (trainers) and off my antidepressents. With love from Australia!” - Clair E
micheleFrom 0 to 13.1 was a great way to train for a half marathon. Not only did I get the information I needed, but the support from the community helped me keep my motivation up when I was struggling.” – Michele M
danielleNicole’s program gave me the confidence and support I needed to actually start running. Of course it’s scary to go from zero to 13.1, but it’s so much easier when you have resources like these to guide you and someone amazing like Nicole to take interest and encourage you every step of the way! I particularly love the strength training routines – I feel they made a huge difference, and having that and the core routines scheduled into my weekly workouts ensured that I would actually DO strength and core, something I think most running programs neglect.” - Danielle S
maritere“Nicole Antoinette’s From 0 to 13.1 program is a great resource for ANYONE who wishes to run a half marathon. As a non-athletic person I found it very difficult to find a program to run a half marathon until I got From 0 to 13.1. Nicole not only gives a plan, but also provides her own experience and motivation to achieve this great goal.” - Maritere M
Jenn“If Nicole could run my life, that would be great. Her natural ability to spell things out in real-people terms makes the unknown world of running (and all things, actually) much less intimidating. It’s nice knowing that just a couple years ago she was in the same place as I was – a total beginner without any clue as to where running would lead – and now she’s sharing everything she’s learned in one easy-to-follow program. I can feel her passion for running shine through her work and it’s inspiring to have her as a cheerleader. If you’ve ever considered running a half-marathon, or are just looking for the tools you need to incorporate running into your life, everything you need is right here in Nicole’s program. You won’t regret it!” – Jenn B
dianaIf you want to run a half marathon but are SO SURE you definitely can’t because you’re too slow/lazy/out-of-shape/busy/etc., this is the program that will get you across the finish line. Nicole and Coach Ryan are super responsive and helpful, and have put together a plan that makes the distance manageable… and even fun!” – Diana V
erinI have tried a number of different running programs in the past (Couch to 5k, Hal Higdon training plans, books like “Walk off Weight” and “Run Your Butt Off”). None of them felt personal enough to keep me engaged. From 0-13.1 created a community in which everyone was warm, welcoming, and encouraging. Other programs I’ve tried in the past have either seemed too cold/impersonal (online training plans) or too harsh and unforgiving (my local gym). The best feedback I got from the other participants was when I started struggling with plantar fasciitis. The words of encouragement helped me look past my disappointment and made me eager to get back on track as soon as I can!” - Erin G
kellyNicole’s program — by a runner who was recently a beginner, geared toward beginners — does an excellent job of giving new runners all the information they need, with plenty of (kind yet firm) get-yourself-into-gear pushing to go with it.  I’ve never been more interested in learning about all things running than I have been since I started Nicole’s program, and Nicole, along with the program Facebook group, does an excellent job of motivating us all to get out there and put that knowledge to practical use.” - Kelly D
breannaThis program was exactly what I needed. I had run shorter races before, but the thought of a half-marathon was pretty daunting. I really enjoy the structure provided by Nicole’s training plan. The fact that it gradually increases time and distance over 24 weeks makes it seem way less intimidating. Having access to the right exercises and stretches to supplement my running is an added bonus. And having the support of other runners to swap stories and share the experience with has been a dream.” – Breanna W
nicoleNicole organized the most concise training program I’ve ever used. I learned so much variety – in warm-ups and cool-downs, recipes, playlists and so much more! When I signed up for the From 0-13.1 program, my goal was to find a system that works for me – something I could use to really, truly feel prepared for a half-marathon (secret: I’d run 2 prior to joining the group, but had never trained appropriately). I truly feel like Nicole has put together a program that will help me accomplish that goal, and will provide me with some solid guidelines to build on my mileage. Next up: 26.2!” - Nicole V
stephenie“When I first bought this program, I could MAYBE run a mile in about 13 minutes if I was feeling great on that particular day, but that was it. Having been witness to Nicole’s journey into running through following her blog, I leapt at the opportunity to join this program. I’ve always wanted to “be a runner” but never thought I could. Thanks to the amazing resources, supportive community and easy-to-follow plan, I ran my first event this year! Completing an 8mi run was beyond exciting and I’m now utilizing the materials to plan for my first half marathon this fall. Nicole is such a great motivator and really cares about the success of the members. Ryan’s added coaching and support, training videos and knowledge, really takes this program to another level. I’ve never seen anything like this and I highly recommend signing up if you want to be a runner, because you will run your first half marathon thanks to this program!- Stephenie Z
paulI love the fact that I can progress at my own pace. As I am coming from a “couch potato” status I really have needed to go slower than I planned, but your program got me moving again after being away from active training for too long. Thanks for the inspiration and the user-friendly structure. . . works for me!” – Paul K
ashley“Without this program I would have inevitably delayed this goal for who knows how long. When Nicole released the beta version, I couldn’t sign up fast enough, and then I emailed her saying “OMG THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR”! Don’t get me wrong, this was no cake walk, but it was what I needed. The program broke down the seemingly unmanageable 13.1 miles into bite size pieces for me so I could gradually physically and mentally prepare myself. I love that it’s written in a language I can understand but backed up by real running world knowledge.” – Ashley S
julie“What a fantastic experience! 13 miles sounded overwhelming before I started. Surely, I could never accomplish something so huge! But this program helped arm me with the knowledge that I needed, and it broke the training into smaller, more manageable goals. If you do your part, work hard, and stick to the plan, you’ll feel great about yourself and you’ll be running your first half marathon before you know it!- Julie H
brittany“Nicole’s program has gotten me off my ass. Her no nonsense, no bullshit approach to stop making excuses and just get fucking going is not only motivating and helpful, it produces results. Dude. I’m a RUNNER now.” – Brittany G
sarah“This program has given me the tools, the friends, the inspiration and the sometimes tough-love I needed to accomplish my goal – running a half marathon. But it’s not just the half-marathon…these tools, and the new-found confidence and pride in myself, have driven me to do bigger and better things outside of running, like kicking a** professionally and strengthening my personal outlook on life. Thanks Nicole!” - Sarah P
mary“I honestly can’t even remember how I came across this program, but it came to me at exactly the right time. I wanted to start running, but had no idea where to begin. Nicole’s program is comprehensive and easy to follow and, most importantly, it’s achievable. If you’re inspired to run but think there’s no way you can go from 0 to 13.1, think again. I’m not a runner — or at least I wasn’t until now! – Mary B
amanda“If you search for running on the internet, be prepared to fall into a black hole of information where there are millions of pages all telling you slightly different things about what to do, what to eat, what to buy, and how to train. It’s overwhelming. Nicole has somehow distilled the internet (and books and interviews) into a beautiful, easy to understand, and totally usable package with everything from running recipes to warm-ups and cool downs to strength training…and, of course, an entire actual training plan. While I am still in the midst of training, I am already seeing the positive results of Nicole’s advice and resources and am spending far less time freaking out about how often I should be foam rolling. It has been incredibly helpful, and I have yet to even use all the resources I have at my disposal. I cannot wait to cross my half-marathon finish line and maybe celebrate with a green smoothie.” - Amanda B
cherylNicole’s program, From 0-13.1, is more than just a running program, it is something that will change your life. It will get you thinking, it will get you motivated, it will change your lifestyle for the better. It is real, it is achievable, it is informative. It is supportive and will give you a laugh and ultimately will lead you to success.” - Cheryl F
rachelPrior to this program I was unable to run continuously for more than 5 minutes. I was scared of failing, letting the group and myself down, and very nervous I would sustain an injury too! But it was like someone held my hand throughout the whole process and it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I’d imagined. Building a habit takes time, and I am forever grateful for the constant support and reassurance from Nicole and her materials. We were all in it together and my small victories were celebrated as well as my biggest one!” - Rachel T
kathyI LOVED the structure and simplicity of knowing what I needed to do each and every day. Nicole’s writings that accompany the program were key to understanding how it all fit together and the thorough thought processes that went into the development of it. The soul-searching questions she made us answer before starting the program were pivotal in retrospect. Having such a gradual build-up for beginning runners is an obvious bonus. Nicole’s responsiveness to questions was insanely fast and consistent, and having access to Coach Ryan was great. And the private Facebook group was – and is – like a second family, and such a wonderful sounding board. When I describe it I get funny looks; no, I’ve never met these people from all over the world, and no, I’ve never run with them, but they are very good friends! I’m not sure I could have done it without their support!” - Kathy D