Fact: I love meeting people who are obsessed with living a no-BS life. Is that you? Awesome. Let’s connect.

The best place to reach me is on Twitter: @NicoleLessBS.

If you’re interested in working together, and if you’re committed to truly making changes (instead of just talking about making changes), then everything you need to know about the courses and 1-on-1 coaching I’m currently offering can be found by clicking right here.

Do you have a personal question you’d like me to answer? Are you looking for one-off advice? I’m honored (truly!) that you value my opinion, but I reserve that type of work exclusively for my clients. If it’s a quick question (or a topic you’d love for me to cover on my blog) give me a shout on Twitter or send me a short & snappy email at and I can add the topic to my queue.

Interested in interviewing me? Fun! I love talking to honest, kind, no-nonsense people. Right now, I’m currently in a wild & wonderful period of creation (creating new things for you of course!) which means I’m being lovingly ruthless with what I say “yes” to. I’d be happy to take a look at the interview details you’re proposing (where it’s being published, the format, what you’d love to chat about, etc) and if it’s a good fit for me right now I’ll definitely let you know.

Here’s to a life less bullshit!