Fact: I love meeting people who are obsessed with living a no-BS life. Is that you? Awesome. Let’s connect!

The best place to reach me is on Twitter: @NicoleLessBS

If you’re interested in working together, and if you’re committed to truly making changes (instead of just talking about making changes), then everything you need to know about the online programs & workshops I’m currently offering can be found by clicking right here.

Do you have a personal question you’d like me to answer? Are you looking for one-off advice? I’m honored (truly!) that you value my opinion, but I reserve that type of coaching exclusively for my clients. If it’s a quick question (or a topic you’d love for me to cover on my blog) give me a shout on Twitter or send me a short & snappy email at and I can happily add the topic to my queue.

Curious about advertising or guest posting? You’re awesome for asking, but I actually don’t do either one.

Interested in one of the partnership/sponsorship slots for my run across America? Let’s talk! I’m partnering with a small handful of brands for this adventure, who each want to help me remind people that big dreams happen one small step at a time, and to encourage them to take their own first step. If that’s you, definitely email me.

Want to interview me? Fun! I love talking to honest, kind, no-nonsense people. Right now, my #1 priority is planning and training for next year’s run across the US, which means I’m being lovingly ruthless with what I say “yes” to. I’d be happy to take a look at the interview details you’re proposing, of course, (where it’s being published, the format, what you’d love to chat about, etc) and if it’s a good fit for me right now I’ll definitely let you know.

Here’s to a life less bullshit!