Here’s the truest thing I know: 

What you do the majority of the time matters way more than what you only do once in a while. 

Similarly, every day and every moment is a chance to change – to commit, to be more open, to try harder, to be kinder. You don’t need to wait until January 1 to finally do whatever it is you say you want to do. Today is as good a time as any.

I was thinking about that earlier this morning, actually, and about the fact that we’re now entering the three month stretch where we’re more likely to put things off “until the new year” than to just start doing whatever it is that we want to do right away. Honestly, I feel like I fall into that trap every year, and I’m tired of it. I don’t want to let these next three months just fly by, so I’m choosing not to buy into the idea that the holiday season means you’re “too busy” to take good care of yourself or to move the needle forward on your goals. I’m also totally sick of the belief that this time of year must equal over-indulgence (the kind that actually leaves you feeling pretty gross), and that January is a time for “starting over” and “being good” and blah blah stupid bullshit. 

So, listen, today is October 1, which means that there are 92 days left in 2014. And my question for you is this: What one small thing are you going to add to your life over the next 92 days? What one small thing, if you did it regularly, would make the rest of your year feel deliciously fun and fulfilling? 

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