So, okay, this is going to be blunt – but what’s new, right?

Here’s a pattern I’ve been seeing a lot lately (in myself, in my friends, in my clients, in general conversation), and I want to talk about it. The pattern is this: we’re really good at declaring the things we want, but then we’re even better at immediately overcomplicating what we think we need to do in order to make those things happen. 

We think we need to find more time and do more research and learn more things and develop more willpower and find a better source of motivation, or that we need to wait until we can afford to pay someone to give us a detailed plan. We look at where we are right now and then we project ahead into the future and the path we mentally create between the two seems so overwhelming and confusing and filled with so much uncertainty that we get exhausted and quit before we even begin.

And that sucks, because the truth of the matter is that things don’t have to be complicated. One of my favorite questions to ask my 1-on-1 clients is this: 

What if it could be simple?

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