The #1 reason why you aren’t making the changes you want to make and doing what you want to do is this: You can’t stand being uncomfortable.

That’s it. That’s the reason. And I know that might sound overly simple (silly, even) but it’s the truth. We  - all of us – absolutely hate being uncomfortable. Don’t believe me? Look at the lifestyle we’ve built for ourselves:

We don’t need to do the dishes by hand (dishwasher!), we don’t need to cook (microwave! fast food!), we don’t need to interact and have tough conversations in person (text! email!), we don’t need to walk (cars!), we don’t need to deal with being hot (air conditioning!), we don’t need to figure things out for ourselves (Google!), and we can have the entire fucking world delivered to our doorstep in two days via Amazon Prime.

We’ve created a culture where relaxation and the path of least resistance is ideal. We’re desperate for the passive income and the four-hour work-week because ugh, work, right? We want to finish work (or any task that requires effort) as quickly as possible so that we’ll have more time to lay on the couch and watch TV. I look at the way I behave some days and it’s basically this: hurry hurry hurry – mmm, horizontal Netflix binge. And yet, the ironic truth of the matter is that this behavior doesn’t even make us happy.

We say we want to be fulfilled. We’re whining and wailing about being stuck in passion-less jobs. We say we want greatness. We want to matter, to make a difference. And yet our actions all say something else. They say: “Shhh, all I want is to be comfortable.” We shy away from discomfort, from struggle, from hard work, from frustration, from effort, because we associate those things with pain. But let’s go ahead and clear something up right now: Effort is not pain.

Let me say that again: Effort is not pain.

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