Habit change is a funny thing. Funny because there’s the way we think it’s going to go (the way we tell ourselves it’s “supposed” to go) and then there’s the way it actually goes.

If you’re like me, you probably assume that when you’re being “good” and when you have “enough willpower” or whatever the fuck, habit change goes like this:

Decide to make a change —> Make the change —> Stay consistent with the change —> Feel great —> Never have a problem ever again

Seriously, you guys, that’s the way I used to think habit change worked – even though EVERY SINGLE real life example I had ever personally experienced was more like this:

Decide to make a change —> Talk myself out of the change because I was afraid it would be too hard —> Decide to make the change again —> Attempt the change for a few days or weeks —> Feel inspired and pumped up —> Keep going —> Get bored —> Hit a mental/emotional/circumstantial road block —> Let the new behaviors slip —> Get angry with myself —> Feel like a failure —> Go back to my old habits and behaviors out of comfort and convenience —> Use this situation as “proof” that I’m incapable of change —> Repeat

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